Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is Omnigion?

#Omnigion is a new age religion of earth that traces its roots to the philosophy of Omnism (Def. the philosophy that no one religion is the only source of truth but that truths can be found within all religions). Omnigion is a multi-theistic religion: Omniests believe in an OMNI-GOD: or the Prime or Universal Creator, and many Major and Minor Gods or Deities. According to Omnigion, there may perhaps be other Major or Minor Gods that exist out in the Greater Cosmos unknown to our human spiritual hierarchy. Omnigion is unique in that it accepts, respects, and tolerates all of the theistic beliefs of mankind and of ETI beings.

Are Omniests also Muslims?

NO, Omnids or Omniests do not consider themselves as Muslims. Islam is a strictly monotheistic religion whereas Omnigion respects and understands that there may be other Gods of earth and also other Major or Minor Gods out there in the Greater Cosmos. Omnigion would more closely resemble polytheism however we do not have any specific or particular Pantheon of Gods; rather we accept, tolerate, and respect other deities.

Who is Christ Jesus according to Omnigion?

Omnigion does not take a position on the personage of Christ Jesus. We do however pay worship and obesiance to him as a Major God or Deity of the Earth. Some Omniests view Christ Jesus as the Holy Son of God and as Messiah but each Omniest differs in opinion. For more detailed information go to and read our foundational beliefs.

Who is Lucifer the Archangel according to Omnigion?

Some Omniests believe that Lucifer the Archangel should be considered as a Major God or Deity of the Earth and others believe he is the Earth Devil or perhaps the OMNI-Devil. For more detailed information go to and read our foundational beliefs.

Who is the Prophet Oracle IO?

Alix C. Toulme Jr. is a 33yr old U.S. Navy Veteran and the controversial founder of Omnigion. Some believe he is the Antichrist, others a False Prophet, and still others believe he is the recurrence or reincarnation of Christ Jesus; although he denies and refutes this.